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Requirements for different kinds of Public Land Application


  • Free Patent Application filed with the CENR Officer where the land is situated.

  • Notice of filing of free patent application.

  • Joint affidavit of two disinterested person attesting to the occupancy of the applicant for the required period time.

  • Approved plan and technical description of the land applied for. If the land applied for is covered by an approved cadastral survey. Technical description thereof in B.L. Form V-37 shall be sufficient.

  • Certification from the Land Registration Authority as to the status thereof, meaning whether or not the same is a decreed or titled property on the subject of a pending land registration case.

  • Certification (under oath) as to the classification of the land as alienable and disposable. Issued by the CENRO concerned.

  • Muniments of title or basis of ownership or certified copy thereof such as deed of sale, donation, waiver, transfer of rights etc.

  • Tax declaration in applicants name or proof of payment of taxes.

  • Certification from Barangay Chairman Municipal Mayor on member of the Barangay or municipal council on the posting of notices of application.

  • Payment of application free, oath fee and documentary stamp.

  • Where the applicant is not the recorded survey claimant for the land applied for, a waiver or transfer of right in a public instrument executed by the survey claimant is necessary. In case the survey claimant cannot be found a joint affidavit of two residents of the place attesting to the occupancy and possession of the applicant shall be required and confirmed in a investigation report of a representative of the CENR Office.

  • Final Investigation Report recommending approval and issuance of patent and Lot Data Record Sheet as prescribed by Lands Office Circular (LOC) 131.

  • Approval and Order of Issuance of Paten


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